food to improve immune during coronavirus

Coronavirus Pandemic – Improve your Immune System with these simple steps.

Coronavirus started in Wuhan China and is now spreading all across the world. The virus can enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth and it can travel down to the lungs where it’s most dangerous.

5 Steps that will give the immune system enough time to rest and regain its potential strength.

  1. CUT OUT inflammatory foods

Inflammatory foods can trigger the gut wall which in turn triggers the immune system, this constant triggering makes the immune system hyperactive or even exhausted and this has been seen in COVID-!9, if you cut out the inflammation, you’ll give it a chance to recover its former strength.

Processed Food & Junk food, Sugar & Simple Carbohydrates all have to go, in some individuals even gluten and wheat or lactose in milk can have the same effect and should be removed, but this is up to their discretion.

  1. Don’t overexert or under eat.

This will certainly raise the hormone cortisol which the body out and dampens immune. For some people nutritional supplements may be of benefit depending on their diet and requirements, the ones listed here do promote immune health it won’t be required for everyone but they should be considered.

  1. Stay as relaxed as you can

Stress is not conducive to a healthy immune system, there’s evidence that meditation improves your immune function. Don’t focus on the news too much, all you have to worry about is how to give your body the time it needs to regain its strength, that what’s important, not the statistics or anything else.

  1. Isolate as much as possible.

Keep a safe distance from people, get in to the habit of washing your hands and not touching your face, this will hopefully flatten the curve and enable the health system do deal with the pandemic, do your bit to slow down the growth of this virus.

  1. You can decide your response.

Only focus on what you need to do, you can’t control this pandemic, you can’t control this virus but you are in control on how you will respond and worrying about things beyond your control is futile.


These steps, regardless of your age or medical background, are about giving your immune system the change to recover and stop being aggravated. Your immune system is trying to protect you, it’s trying to heal you, and you just need to give it a time and space to do that.